I just joined. How do I get started?

New members can get their feet wet by completing 4 easy tasks:

1. Complete your profile

Check out your profile settings and share some general information about yourself so we have a stepping stone for what campaigns to pair you with.

2. Connect your social media accounts via your dashboard’s Social Impact page

Connecting your accounts is the single most effective way to boost your Social Impact, which is a major factor in determining how likely you are to qualify for an exclusive campaign. It's important to grant Influenster permissions when making the connection, or we won't be able to calculate your score.

3. Snap to it

Answer some quick questions about your shopping behavior to improve your discovery experience. Answer honestly as they cannot be edited once you submit an answer.

4. Discover Influenster's Content

Browse tons of articles giving lifestyle tips on how to use the latest products. You can also browse our millions of reviews and Q&A to learn more about products from shoppers like you! See a product you've used before? Go ahead and share your own experiences to connect with other Influensters and help them get a feel for whether they should give it a try.

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