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    I can see my notifications but when I tap on them it takes me to a completely blank page. Help please

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    Hi! I received my box but threw it out and now can't scan it! How do I get my barcode number to scan and post?

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    I was told I would be getting 3 voxboxes and I haven't gotten any on a long time can you please tell me why

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    Hello I did a review for the Marc Jacobs Enamored lip gloss I left a review on the app it s been a couple of days now and I did not get the points. Can someone please check it out and give me those points please?

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    Hello! I already posted my required reviews for my perricone  vox box, but I keep getting emails saying I haven’t. I posted screen shots to get my badge, so can someone help? It was a really good review and I want to qualify for a mega vox box!

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    I’m super excited to get my very own vbox so I can do my review to my honest opinion

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